Beginner Tennis Tips 3: The Forehand

After sorting out your grip the next step is to get a feel for the The Forehand.  It is very important that one learns the correct way to hit a forehand as it helps in all other aspects of the game, it sets you up for for points and I absolutely love to hit it. As with any sport, the starting steps are a bit tough but if you hang in there, you will eventually get it. And let me tell you, even after 13 years of me playing tennis, the feeling you get after hitting a good forehand is surreal.

Tennis Forehand

The Technique

The basic technique to getting the forehand right is the same, the pros all apply the same  principle as the video will point out. You just have to get that technique into your muscle memory and it will make everything a lot easier. As a beginner you might want to step back to your comfort zone and hit the ball just as you see it fit and natural but that makes you lose a lot of control and power that you might have had if you use the proper technique. 

This is an old video, but this is one of the best videos  anyone has ever put online in the last 10 years.  Practice, watch the video practice again and you’ll have a great Forehand pretty quickly.

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